Significant events for the month of January, 2021


02.01.2021: Dr. A. Veeraiah, PC, Dr. D.V Srinivasulu, SMS (CP), Dr. V. Shilpakala, SMS (PP) attended T & V meeting at ARS, Utukur. Dr. A. Veeraiah, PC explained Ground nut varieties  suitable for sowing in the current month. Dr. V. Shilpakala, SMS (PP) explained plant protection measures in Rice, Red gram and Ground nut. Dr. V. Chandrika, Head, ARS, ARS Scientists, Smt. Radha devi, JDA I/c, ADAs from all the Agricultural divisions attended the programme. Discussed different problems related to agriculture in YSR district.





05.01.2021: Dr. A. Veeraiah, PC participated in review meeting on schedule of trainings for VAAs, VHAs of RBKs held at ATMA, Kadapa along with Dr. B. Padmodaya, Coordinator, DAATTC, Dr. V. Srinivasa chari, PS (Soil science), ARS, Utukur and line department officials and involved in finalization of the schedule.




07.01.2021: Dr. A. Veeraiah, PC and Dr. D.V Srinivasulu, SMS (CP) attended as resource person in DRC training programme to VAAs and VHAs at Chitvel mandal and explained key management practices in Rabi crops of YSR district. 35 No. of VAAs and 6 No. of VHAs attended the programme. And also  attended  POLAMBADI programme at Nandalur along with AO (FTC) and BTM, ATMA. 39 No. of VAAs attended the programme.




09.01.2021: Dr. A.Veeraiah, PC, KVK, Utukur made diagnostic visit on mango at Chennaiahgaripalli (V) of Nandalur (M)  and suggested Fipronil @ 2 ml + Myclobutanil 1g/ lit of water to control hoppers and powdery mildew in Mango.



11.01.2021:: Dr. P. Nagi Reddy, SMS(Horti) along  with Dr. A.Veeraiah, PC KVK, Utukur conducted field day on CFLD Black gram (TBG-104) at Reddipalli (V) of Pendlimarri (M). MAO, VAA and 15 No. of farmers attended the programme.



12.01.2021: Dr. A.Veeraiah, PC, KVK, Utukur along with Dr. B. Padmodaya, Coordinator, DAATTC and department officials made diagnostic visit on Bengal gram  at Patha sangati palli (V) of Pendlimarri (M).13 No. of  farmers attended the programme. Suggested Hexaconazole 2 ml/lit or propiconazole 1 ml/lit to control colletotrichum or botrytis blights.



18.01.2021: Dr. P. Nagi Reddy, SMS (Horti) made diagnostic field visit on Guava and Marigold at Gopalapuram (V) of C.K. Dinne (M). Explained Pruning and training techniques in Guava. Diagnosed Flower bud borer in Mari gold and suggested to spray chlorpyriphos  @ 2.5 ml/lit of water.



19.01.2021: S. Ramalakshmi devi, SMS (Ext), K. Neelima, Young Professional II organized field day in Black gram (TBG 104) at Kolumulapalli (V), C. K.Dinne (M) under DBT bio tech Kisan hub project. Dr. A.Veeraiah, PC, Dr. B. Padmodaya, Coordinator, DAATTC, 20 No. of farmers attended the programme. Explained the key management practices for reduction of cost and increase in income of the Black gram farmers.