Front Line Demonstrations


Crop Production



Demonstration of in-situ rain water harvesting technologies in rain fed Groundnut

T1: Farmer’s method (No RWC methods)

T2: Sub soiler before sowing

Dead furrow with 3.6 m distance


Crop is at pod filling stage


Demonstration of NBeG 49 under rain fed black soils of YSR District

T1: JG-11

T2: NBeG 49


Trial will be initiated in Rabi,2017


Intercropping of field bean TFB-2 with Groundnut (1:11) for higher net returns in rain fed alfisols of YSR district

T1: Groundnut + Red gram (7:1)

T2: Groundnut + Field bean (11:1)


Groundnut Crop is at pod filling stage, Field bean and Red gram crops are at vegetative stage


Soil test based balanced fertilization for Paddy under KC canal region of YSR district

T1: Farmer’s method- 115-90-75 (N, P2O5 & K2O) kg/ha

T2: Soil test based application of straight fertilizers, avoiding top dressing of complex fertilizers


Transplanting to tillering stage


Demonstration of weed management in cotton crop

T1: Manual weeding, 2-3 times based on weeds

T2: Spraying of Pre emergence herbicide, Pendimethalin @ 5ml/ltr at 20DAS.                                                                       Post Emergence spray of Quizalofop-p-ethyl 2ml/ltr + Pyrithiobac sodium 1.25ml/ltr at 20DAS


Flowering to boll formation stage


Cluster FLD on Groundnut


10 (ha)

Groundnut Crop is at pod filling stage


Plant Protection



Demonstration of IPM practices for management of pests in Groundnut

T1: Farmers practice: Seed treatment with 3g                                                               Mancozeb , Spraying of monocrotophos 1.6ml/lt

T2: Seed treatment with Trichoderma viride (4 g/kg Erecting yellow sticky traps 25/ha

Erection of pheromone traps 10/ha  


In Farmers practice,

At 30DAS, 9-10 Leaf miner larvae /plant,

At 50DAS, 8-9 Leaf miner larvae /plant,

At 75 DAS, 5-6 Leaf miner larvae /plant were observed.

After Spraying of Dimethoate 2ml/ltr at 7-10 days interval


At 40DAS, 30-35% defoliated leaves

At 50DAS, 20-25% defoliated leaves

At 70DAS, 15-20% defoliated leaves

Spraying of Flubendiamide 0.2ml/ltr water

In demo, pheromone traps (10/ha) and Leaf miner (25/ha) erected at 15 DAS,

Whenever leaf minor incidence was observed in yellow sticky trap Spraying of Dimethoate 2ml/ltr   was done.

At 50DAS, 2-3 miners/plant,

At 75DAS, 30-35 % defoliated leaves

Whenever Spodoptera   incidence was observed in pheromone traps (10/ha) spraying of Flubendiamide 0.2ml/ltr water was done.


Demonstration of improved practices for                                                                 management of rhizome rot in Turmeric.

T1: Farmers practice: Treating the rhizomes with 3g Mancozeb per kg seed and sowing without drying.

T2: Soaking of rhizomes in 3g Mancozeb for 30-40 minutes and the treating with 5g Trichoderma viride before sowing and soil application of 2 kg Trichoderma viride with enriched FYM at 30 DAS.


Till now, there is a difference in 5-7% rhizome rot disease incidence in farmers practice compared to demo with soaking of rhizomes for 40 min and soil application of T.Viride with enriched FYM.


Assessment of Phytophthora wilt by bioagents Vs farmers practice in betel vine

T1: Farmers practice: Soil drenching with 0.3% CoC

T2: Soil application of 1 kg Trichoderma viride and 1kg Pseudomonas with enriched FYM


Input distribution was done. Multiplication is in progress.


Assessment of performance of management practices                                                for control of Pink bollworm in Cotton.

T1:Farmers Method: Spraying of chlorpyriphos 2.5ml or profenophos 2ml/ltr

                                                         T2: Pheromone traps 10 per ha, spraying of 5 ml neem oil @ budding stage, release of three 2cc Trichocards, spraying of Chlorpyriphos 2.5 ml per l if pest is above ETL


Pheromone traps and neem oil were distributed. Crop is 30-40 days old at the identified location.


Demonstration of gall midge tolerant variety JGL-3844 Vs NDLR-8 in Paddy

T1: Farmers practice: NDLR-8

T2:   JGL-3844


Crop is transplanted. Gall midge incidence was 7-10 % difference in nursery in farmers practice and demo practice.


Cluster FLDs on Red gram


10 (ha)

Sowings were completed. Crop is at knee hight. TBG-52 (2kg per acre ) and Rhizobium 1 kg/acre were given.


Cluster FLDs on Black gram


10 (ha)

Distributed TBG-104 seed to the identified beneficiaries.





Effect of IIHR Citrus special on yield of Citrus

T1 – Foliar spraying of citrus special @ 5gms /lit

T2 – Farmers practice


- IIHR Citrus special was distributed to the farmers

- two sprays completed

Crop is at fruiting stage


Effect of Boron in increasing the yield of Muskmelon

T1 – Farmers practice (with out foliar sprays of borax)

T2 – Foliar spray of borax @ 3 g/l at 3-4th leaf stage and at 50 days after sowing (Fruit development stage)


Trial will be initiated in Rabi


Correction of micro nutrient deficiencies in Banana

1. Control: Spraying of sulphate of potash at bunch development stage

2. Demo: Foliar spraying of Banana special 5 gm/lit


-Inputs distributed to the farmers

- Three sprays were completed

- Crop is at vegetative stage


Management of root rot disease in citrus

T1 – Farmers practice (Soil drenching with COC 3gm/lit)

T2 – Soil drenching with Ridomil 2 gm/lit + application of Trichoderma enriched FYM @10kg/tree.


-          Inputs distributed to the farmers

-          Effected plants recovered

-          Demonstrated the method chemical application


Home Science



Front Line Demonstration of drudgery reduction in Cotton crop for stem application by roller method against sucking insects

T1: Stem Applicator

T2 : Farmers practice Spraying


Four No. of trials were conducted at C.K.Dinne


Use of protective clothing while spraying pesticides

T1: Protective clothing

T2 : Farmers practice with out any protection


6 No. of trials were completed.


Use of cotton harvesting bag while harvesting Cotton

T1: Harvesting Bag

T2: Farmers practice Basket/Saripallu


Cotton harvesting bag for drudgery reduction was explained to 10 farm women at Gorlapalli.


Demonstration of Wheel hoe for drudgery reduction in Vegetable crops

T1: Drudgery reducing implement wheel hoe

T2 : Farmers practice (Manual Weeding)


06 No of trials were completed


Animal Husbandry



Popularization of Improved poultry birds (Rajashree) at back yard

T1: Desi birds

                                                         T2: Rajashree birds                                                        


The poultry birds are at 8 weeks age


Demonstration of performance of Co-4 hybrid napier fodder variety with local fodder (APBN-1)

T1: APBN1 fodder variety

T2: Co-4 fodder variety


Crop is at first cutting stage


Extension Studies



Training need analysis of farmers and extension functionaries of YSR district


Collected data from 15 no. of MPEOs and 15 no. of AEOs


Documentation of success stories of farmers and entrepreneurs promoted by KVK, Utukur, Kadapa


Will be initiated in November,2017


Impact of KVK activities in KVK adopted villages


Developed schedule. Data to be collected


Economic analysis of IFS models in YSR district


Will be initiated in November,2017